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BREAKING: “Security Guard” Who Killed Trump Supporter In Denver Revealed To Be Leftist Activist With Ties To Antifa / BLM

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Over the weekend in Denver, Colorado a Trump supporter attending a “Patriot Muster” rally was shot dead by a man who was supposedly hired as a private security guard for a local news station.

The shooting was caught on video.

The patriot who was shot dead was reportedly trying to defend himself with bear spray when confronted by two suspects at gun point:

The man who was shot dead was reportedly defending himself from two men before being killed:

A photo sequence was stitched together to show the actual shooting, revealing Dolloff pulled his gun as Keltner was backing away and before he had pointed his can of mace:

The sleuths at 4CHAN dug into the history of the shooter and found that, not only was he not licensed to act as a private security, he had disturbing ties to radical left-wing groups.

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