MUST WATCH: Comedian Bill Burr Tears Into Every Woke White Karen!

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The ‘woke’ culture caught on like a wildfire while Obama was in office. Liberals relished in the sweeping trend and gave ne’er a thought to the wake of stupidity it would leave behind. That is until ‘Karen’ crashed their party.

Bill Burr perfectly touched on this topic. While hosting SNL last night, Burr addressed the tendency of Liberal white women to muddy the waters of everything they touch.

Burr’s style of comedy shows he really doesn’t care what people think of him or what complaints his specials may generate.  He is his own man and likely feeds off of the outrage.

It looks like Burr is going to have a lot of outrage to feed off of with his appearance in hosting duties for Saturday Night Live last night.


But of course white women proved his point, making several complaints to SNL:

Thankfully, the irony wasn’t lost on some people, those people it wasn’t lost on made sure to point it out on Twitter:

Some people need to learn to laugh more.  As for the rest of us, Thanks for making us laugh Bill!

Watch all of Bill’s monologue below:

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