Kayleigh McEnany Provides SHOCKING Update On Trump’s Condition!

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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Tweeted a very important update on President Trump’s condition Wednesday afternoon. Trump’s bill of health is sounding great, but there was one very important take away from today’s update.

Here’s what the update from Doctor Conley says:

The President this morning says “I feel great!” His physical exam and vital signs, including oxygen saturation and respiratory rate, all remain stable and in normal range. he’s now been fever-free for more than 4 days, symptom free for over 24 hours, and has not needed nor received any supplemental oxygen since initial hospitalization.

Of note today, the President’s labs demonstrated detectable levels of SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies from labs draw Monday, October 5th; initial IgG levels drawn late Thursday night were undetectable. We’ll continue to closely monitor, and I will update you as I know more.

The presence of these IgG antibodies is the key takeaway here. These antibodies theoretically mean that President Trump should be protected from contracting COVID in the future.


With America relying on a strong leader to move it forward past the epidemic, who better to lead us than one who has contracted, survived, and is now immune to the disease?

I can’t wait for Trump to use this a battering ram at the next Presidential debate. That is, if Biden doesn’t chicken out and cancel over COVID fears.

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