Dr. Fauci Betting On Biden So He Can Unleash His Worst On America

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It doesn’t take a political analyst to see that Dr. Fauci is not a fan of Trump. It also doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to see that he is also playing the long game.

When you take into consideration his change in demeanor over the last few months and his strong pushback against Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, Dr. Fauci has all his chips on a Biden victory.

Reminiscent of a once-failed doomsday prophesier, Dr. Fauci took to Tweeter to warn of a new doomsday on the horizon. If we don’t do exactly what Dr. Fauci says we should, then hundreds of thousands will suffer and die he claims.

The “kinds of things” he’s talking about are mask mandates and future lock downs as we enter a possible “second wave” with the seasonal change. Of course, all those things have done in the past is delay the inevitable. New York, where 33,000 people have died, was being held up as a shining light of progress by the media not too long ago. Now, they are seeing spikes in cases and deaths again. If that level of lock down hasn’t worked there to “crush the virus,” why in the world would anyone assume something similar would work elsewhere? There is no scientific answer to that question and Fauci knows it.

But what Fauci is doing here is setting himself up for the future. He sees Joe Biden possibly winning the presidency, and the former VP has already pledged to retain the doctor as a top advisor. That means that Fauci is playing to a different tune these days. More importantly, it also means that his worst is yet to come.

Under a Biden administration, Fauci would have no limitations placed on him. There wouldn’t be a Scott Atlas to balance the conversation. The entire country would end up looking like New York, no matter how much evidence there is that the strategies there were an abject disaster. Remember, Fauci has praised Gov. Cuomo as doing things right despite the terrible results.

Of course, even what Fauci is saying here is nonsensical. Will we have 300-400K COVID deaths? Yes, probably, but that will be a result of the fact that this virus will likely always be with us. If you count deaths as a conglomerate long enough, you’ll reach those numbers.


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