Sleepy Joe Claims Antifa’s Just An Idea, Well That ‘Idea’ Showed Up To Prove Him Wrong — Watch Their Insane Rant In Front Of Portland Council

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Jerry Naddler was one of the first Democrats to say Antifa was a myth. Joe Biden has gone so far as to say Antifa is just an ‘idea’, not a real organization terrorizing America.

Well, this ‘idea’ likes to wear a mask, show up in force, and go unhinged.

Watch (Note, this is definitely NSFW so if you’re listening somewhere public we suggest headphones or earbuds):

Wow, did someone wakeup on the wrong side of CHAZ? Seriously…

To that point, however, we just can’t take this guy seriously. Did he really think yelling and acting like an unhinged lunatic would make any difference?

What a hero.

He tried to be their friend.

Not their leader.

And speaking of leaders …

President Trump denounced white supremacism. Since Antifa isn’t just an idea when will Biden condemn them?

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