There Was A MASSIVE Protest In D.C. And It Should Make Every Democrat Very Worried!

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It’s hard to find good coverage these days. CNN, NBC, hell even Fox have been caught cutting and pasting footage in attempts to paint a narrative often not reflective of what’s truly happening.

‘Mostly peaceful’ protests often leave buildings burning and people injured or killed. If you only watched the news, you’d be lead to believe only anti-Trump, facemask wearing, Fauci-believing ‘advocates for democracy’ are taking to the streets. That’s because none of the mainstream outlets want to report on the hundreds of Pro-Trump, America First, protect our democracy, support the blue demonstrations taking place all over the nation!

One demonstration in particular went unreported by major news channels, one that should have every Democrat terrified.

Red State reports:

Given the media’s comprehensive coverage of D.C. marches, you’ve surely heard about Saturday’s #WalkAway event.

But if not: On October 3rd, crowds gathered to oppose the Democratic Party’s modern migration.

Speaking to The Daily Caller, WalkAway found Brandon Straka explained the point of the anti-woke weekend #walk:

“The purpose of this event is to get the silent majority to show we are not going to be silent anymore, we are going to stand up, we are going to fight for our country, we are going to fight against the radical Left, because freedom in America is worth fighting for.”

They’re walking away, of course, because the (extreme) Left has walked away — from virtues liberals have famously embraced.

Not so long ago, the far-siders of politics were a bunch of anti-violent, live-and-let-live hippies:

But that flower power’s wilted, and it’s been replaced by thunderous thorns (Language Warning for all videos):


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