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Denmark Fights Covid PANIC: Common Sense, Not Masks And Distancing, Bring Nation Back To Normal

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The novel Coronavirus “pandemic” has been one of the largest affronts to intelligence I can recall. Skewed numbers lead many to mistrust reports of new case surges. Experts have too often stated, then retracted, many of the ‘safeguards’ being mandated across the globe.

But the largest insult to our intelligence is that somehow the coronavirus in America has somehow been different than the one encountered in Sweden or Denmark.

Simply listen to NPR or CNN and you are bound to hear a report on how cases continue to spike in several pockets of the U.S., despite mandatory social distancing and mask wearing.

Denmark, however, has found a very different outcome. True Pundit reports:

While the Anglosphere continues to ramp-up its emergency ‘pandemic’ measures and mandatory mask and quarantine policies, their Scandinavian counterparts like Sweden, Norway or Denmark have already returned to life as normal; no masks on public transport (although Norway just introduced a new rule today advising masks on crowded carriages), no obsessive social distancing rules, no snap lockdowns, and certainly no draconian laws and threats of £10,000 fines made by government leaders, or holding the country hostage until a wonder vaccine arrives in the spring. The contrast couldn’t be more extreme.

It began with “flattening the curve”. Stay at home was the rally cry. Open slow, social distance, wear a mask and this will all pass by shortly. That’s not what happened though.

The moment doors opened and businesses began to open, liberal politicians did their best to convince the sheep of America that the virus was uncontrollable. What was their new solution? Kill the economy.

That hasn’t necessarily gone to their advantage as they clearly are trying to take advantage of a crisis to sway the upcoming election. Now schools and our children have been the latest victims in the coronavirus response.

No amount of experts can change common sense and logic. The virus in the US and UK cannot be drastically different from the one experienced throughout Scandinavia. It is high time for American citizens to stop accepting what’s said on Facebook and CNN. It is high time to stop and question our authorities and hold them accountable to honest and transparent reporting on the virus. It is easy to see that common sense, not draconian restrictions, are allowing Denmark and Sweden to experience “normal life” once again.

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