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Lawyers For Kyle Rittenhouse Set To SUE Joe Biden For His LIE That Kyle Is A ‘White Supremacist’ In New Post-Debate Ad

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After last night’s debate, the Biden camp put together a video that they then tweeted out indicating President Trump and Kyle Rittenhouse are white nationalists. 

This is not true and now a defamation claim is being prepared against Joe Biden.

In last night’s debate the moderator and Joe Biden’s tag team member, Chris Wallace, pressed President Trump to condemn violence in American cities by white nationalists.  The two cities where Wallace said white nationalists were active were Kenosha and Portland.  President Trump responded by saying all the destruction over the past few months comes from the radical left.

Wallace kept pressing the President who then asked Wallace to name names.  Wallace finally labeled the ‘Proud Boys’ as the only group he could think of who were white nationalists (it’s unknown what evidence he has for this claim).

After the debate, candidate Biden used this exchange in an advertisement, wrongly accusing the President of being a white nationalist and indicating Kyle Rittenhouse was as well:

Now it looks like Biden has a lawsuit coming based on his defamation of the young 17 year old in Kenosha who was involved in the death of two men from the Antifa/BLM riots while acting in self defense.

So the only real result from last night’s debate is the Joe Biden now has a defamation claim coming.

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