Foul Mouthed Lefties CURSE Ruth Bader Ginsburg For Not Dying Under Obama — “F**K You For Dying Under Trump!”

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The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg shocked the nation on Friday evening. As people on both sides of the isle came together to pay tribute to the late Justice, many on the Left couldn’t contain their nastiness and openly chastised Ginsburg for “dying under Trump”.

“F*ck. We are absolutely fucked. 2020 just got a WHOLE lot worse. If you don’t know who Ruth Bader Ginsburg is, and the amazing things that she has done, please please please go learn about her. There’s literally a boulder in my throat.” — Skyler Jude Batterman

“F*ck you @SusanSarandon I hope you are completely satisfied that you fucked women over for decades. Ruth Bader Ginsburg spend her last days trying to make sure no more damage would be done to the supreme court because people like you. She didn’t make it.”

— Debbie Skinner

Mike Cernovich called it…

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