WATCH: Portland Woman Says It’s OK To Murder Trump Supporters During Interview

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Video has surfaced showing a young man, James Klug, asking people in Portland for their thoughts on the nightly protests. One woman gave a very disturbing response, sharing that she was totally on board with the killing of Aaron J. Danielson, a Trump supporter who was killed in Portland late last month:

Talk about cold and heartless! I guarantee this woman has yelled on Twitter and Facebook about how evil it is for police to shoot armed black criminals. But when one of her own hunts down and murders a Trump supporter, it’s all ok.

I found the original video which was released earlier this week and when Klug began asking his question, he started by saying: “There was a shooting of a Trump supporter recently.” The woman responded “Awesome!”

She then continued, saying“I don’t think I’ve heard of another Trump supporter being shot. So the f*** what!? He got shot. Is he alive?”

Klug responded “I believe he died.” That’s when this psychotic woman replied “Tough luck. Don’t be a Trump supporter in Portland.”

Just sick. But that wasn’t the only disturbing answer Klug got. You can watch more of them in his video below:

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