For CNN, Biden Uttering ‘Many Coherent Sentences’ Is The New Bar For Electability

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The world has gotten soft. Used to be that one had to prove themselves worthy of public office with a show of mental acuity, persuasive policies, and a history of hard work to bring merit to their words.

Words had weight too. Take a stroll on Youtube and you can pull up any number of compelling speeches from past dignitaries, world leaders, and historical figures.

The liberal world has become a whole new level of desperate and pathetic as well. Trump appeared to reveal all their triggers and set their cold hearts ablaze with political enmity. Sadly for them, there was no champion to call upon, no compelling character to rally the masses.

Instead, they have resulted to destruction, division, and a brand new, all-time-low bar for what determines one fit for Presidential nominee…multiple, complete, coherent sentences.

During Thursday night’s drive-in town hall with Demcoratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, a number of ridiculous claims were made not just by Biden but also by the CNN “reporters” and “analysts” who were covering what went down – and covering for Biden in the process, as per the norm.

At one point during the event, Atlantic writer and noted Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer, James Fallows, made the following personal observation about Biden’s performance:

This inspired CNN’s resident “fact-checker” Daniel Dale to morph into a spokesman of sorts for the Biden campaign, amplifying Fallows’ opinion by actually praising Biden for “implicitly fact-checking Trump by…uttering many consecutive coherent sentences”:

Congratulations Joe! You’re not always old and senile. I told you those B-12 shots would pep you up and look, you even got a couple sentences out and we all understood you!

Of course, it didn’t take long for the internet to react:

On the other hand, was Biden really sounding all that coherent? No:

This Twitter user won the night:

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