WATCH: AOC Loves Biden Because He’s Easy To Bully Into Socialist Direction

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Joe Biden is not a serious choice for President and never was. From the beginning, Biden has clearly been outpaced and performed by his counterparts. So why was he chosen as the Democrat nominee? Did he outspend them? Sure, but money isn’t the primary reason here.

The real reason was easily summarized by AOC during a recent interview, watch:

Joe Biden is a window dressing. He is the safe, old, white man that can get the votes and Trojan horse the extreme policies of the socialists taking over the Democrat party – or so they hope.

Yes she used the word ‘progressive’, but that’s just a term of art that Democrats have been using for years instead of the word socialist. It means exactly the same thing. Also, she’s been very clear that she’s a socialist and Biden’s VP is one of the biggest socialists in the US Senate.

Again, this is what you’ll get if puppet Biden becomes president.

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