LAUGHABLE: Biden Now Promising To Delay Spiking Taxes On Wealthy If They Vote For Him!

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Typically, politicians cater policy promises to their base. It makes sense, they want your vote and so aim to support ideals and policies you feel are important or beneficial.

President Donald Trump knew crushing and senseless taxes were a concern for many conservatives. Therefore, he promised to lower taxes, the trim needless red tape and thus passed historic tax cuts.

But, Democrats being Democrats, this was unacceptable. Far-left politicians immediately pledged to undo any and all such tax cuts. In fact, they promised to RAISE the taxes even higher!

Clearly this is not the promise one should make if they wish to compete with the person responsible for putting more money back into the pockets of hard-working Americans.

Democrats now say they won’t immediately inflict tax hikes on the American people should Democratic nominee Joe Biden win the White House and Democrats retake the Senate. Instead, they’ll wait to raise taxes on the so-called wealthy (the base range for who is considered a “wealthy” individual sometimes ensnares middle-class families in expensive states like California and New York) and corporations until after the economy has recovered from the coronavirus recession, The Hill reported.

Democrats have changed their rhetoric in hopes of bolstering slipping poll numbers. These changes are nothing more than lip service and a slap in the face to a nation suffering from economic hardships, largely exacerbated by Democrats enforcing stringent lockdowns.

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