NEW VIDEO Shows Critical Moment L.A. Sheriff Helped Keep Her Partner Alive!

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Newly released video captures the critical moments following the attempted murder of two officers in Compton. Both officers were severely injured after being shot in the face. Thankfully, one officer was still in sound enough condition to put a tourniquet on her partner, largely saving his life.

This very image is the definition of heroism. Such selfless love for her fellow officer allowed her to bravely set aside all worries for her own health and to tend the fading life of another.

Last night Tucker did his opening monologue on this horrific incident and he played the 911 call of this female officer calling in the attack. It’s heart wrenching and comes just after the 3 minute mark:

But despite the heroic efforts of this officer, BLM thugs laughed and relished the thought of cops being shot and possibly murdered. These thugs don’t want peace, they want others to suffer and die.

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