WATCH: BLM Supporters Celebrate The Shooting Of Two Police Officers, LAUGH As They Watch Them Fight For Their Lives

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Two Los Angeles County deputies who were shot in the head during a caught-on-video ambush in their patrol car in Compton Saturday night.

In a normal world, this would be seen as an act of evil and roundly condemned by all.

We are not living in a normal world.

Early Sunday morning we reported that swarms of Black Lives Matter rioters stormed the hospital where the officers were being treated and attempted to block entrances while wishing death on them.

Meanwhile, cop haters on the scene in Compton right after the shooting were celebrating it. 

Actor James Woods posted the video, tweeting: “Here’s the reaction of an eyewitness to the ambush of two Deputies shot in the head in #Compton. The victims are in the background. No one is going to help them. Vote like your life depends on it. #BlueLivesMatter.”

This so-called anti-cop activist is on the scene watching as the deputies open their door and fall to the ground just seconds after the shooting, and he couldn’t be happier. We bet the LASD investigators have already rounded this clown up as he seems to be “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

This is the type of crap law enforcement has to put up with now. 

James Woods put it best: “Vote like your life depends on it.” This upcoming election is good versus evil. Those who reject law and order and wish police officers dead are the same people who are supporting Joe Biden.

These despicable human beings will ruin this country if given the chance. That’s why we must all vote this November as if our lives depended on it.

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