LOL! C-SPAN Footage Of Biden Touching Young Girls Flagged ‘Child Sexual Exploitation’ By Twitter!

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In a world where Netflix can stream disturbing shows about 11-year-old provocative dancers, this next bit of news comes as a shocker!

C-Span footage of Joe Biden touching and creeping out young girls during congressional swear-in ceremonies has been flagged by Twitter. The content was flagged not because of some political view or comment by a Trump supporter, but because the very images VIOLATE Twitter’s Child Sexual Exploitation Policy.


We all new Biden was a creep, but the fact that social media would even dare flag him as a pedophile is astounding. But I’m sure once this news reaches back to the big boss, an explanation will come out excusing Twitter’s mistake and the flag will be dropped.

Twitter users became aware of the situation during an argument about the Democrat presidential nominee’s character when a tweet was flagged “for trying to post images of child molestation.

The dispute on social media saw Texan progressive activist Johnny Graz seeking to make a case that the Democratic presidential nominee should be investigated for sexual assault.

Things got worse for Biden when another user attempted to post a video compilation of Biden touching various young girls during photo ops at their parents’ congressional swear-in ceremonies in 2015.

However, “Twitter flagged [him] for trying to post images of child molestation.” YIKES!

The notorious footage shows the former vice president touching US legislators’ daughters and granddaughters on various parts of the body. At various points, he appears to be holding some girls in place while closely leaning in to whisper in their ears.

This is not normal, but then again, Democrats love these kid of sickos.

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