WATCH: Black Woman Throws Hissy-Fit On Plane, Disrespects EVERYONE Because ‘White Privilege Is Over…I’m A Queen’

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A viral video is circulating the interwebs and burning up social media of a ‘grown’ black woman blocking the isle of a plane and having a pure 2020 meltdown. In the video the woman rudely gets in the face of a flight attendant, and at one point another passenger, and lectures them on how she is no longer bound to the laws of common decency or respect because “white privilege is over” and she’s a (self-proclaimed) “black queen from California”.

Here’s the clip:

Yep, we’ll be seeing this kind of belligerent self-important ego-flexing all over the country thanks to … everything. Thanks to BLM, thanks to Democrats and thanks to the media.

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