Donald Trump Gets Nominated For SECOND Nobel Peace Prize For Another Landmark Peace Deal!

On the heels of the announcement of another landmark deal with Bahrain, President Donald Trump received his second nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, this time for his efforts (and jointly nominated) the Serbia/Kosovo normalization of relations with Israel.

The Bahrain peace deal is the third major announcement from an Islamic Nation regarding the normalization of relations with Israel.

Swedish Parliament Member, Magnus Jacobsson, announced his nomination on Twitter this morning:

Advisor to the President, Richard Grenell was quick to spike the football on the matter after the media ignored the historic announcement at the White House recently.

That announcement made national news when Grenell, eviscerated the media for attempting to ask questions on different subjects from the major announcement at the White House.

Check back with RedState regarding the continued coverage of this major announcement.  Trump and his administration may be in the running for a third Peace Prize soon!

Via RedState

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