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29 Universities That Reopened Last Month Have Reported 26K Students With Covid And Not A SINGLE Hospitalization Or Death

To the fears of many on the Left, dozens of Universities Opened back up to in-person schooling in early August, supposedly risking the lives of the hundreds of thousands of students attending. Those fears, however, proved to be unfounded.

29 Universities have reported that over 26,000 students tested positive for the China Virus since re-opening. Of those cases, not a single student needed to be hospitalized and not a single death resulted.

Dr. Andrew Boston, MD continues with his great reporting on the status of the China coronavirus.  Results from data collected since August show that although some college student have contracted the virus, none are being hospitalized:

Of course, schools in many states continue to fear-monger and hold our children hostage. The China Coronavirus is finally fizzling out and the students can get back to school. It’s time to take off our masks and live again.

The CDC chart above showing COVID deaths by age group – note almost none for students – those under age 24.

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