‘Peaceful’ BLM Protesters ATTACK #WalkAway Members At ‘Rescue America’ Rally

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Some headline writers apparently have an absolute lack of self-awareness right now, because The Dallas Morning News actually had a story Saturday titled “President Trump shares video on Twitter of scuffle at mostly peaceful Dallas WalkAway rally.”

I figured we would find a new two-word apologia for left-wing protest hijinks after CNN’s “fiery but mostly peaceful protests” debacle. Put it away. Come up with something more clunky but that doesn’t draw the reader toward that association. “Largely calm.” “Generally placid.” “Principally tranquil.” Give “mostly peaceful” a decommissioning ceremony and a gold watch. It’s done everyone well.

This latest headline came after the #WalkAway campaign held an event in Dallas. It was, yes, mostly peaceful until a local activist got involved with security at the event.

The #WalkAway group, which is comprised of onetime Democrats who’ve left the party to become Republicans and was founded by conservative activist Brandon Straka, organized the “Rescue America” rally Saturday.

There had been confrontations between #WalkAway members and Black Lives Matter supporters, The Morning News reported, but these were mostly on the fringes of the crowd, where the outlet said BLM activists were “engaging in civil, if heated, discussions with rally attendees.”

Michelle Bullard of the Next Generation Action Network claimed that at some point, a #WalkAway participant shoved a child. We have no footage of this or corroboration as of Monday morning.

Another narrative from The Morning News story was that the Black Lives Matter activists were addressed directly from across the street by the speaker, black conservative author Shemeka Michelle. At this point, the activists decided to approach the rally — something that seems like an actually documented impetus.

We do have some video of what happened next, which involved the Next Generation Action Network’s Dominique Alexander.

What we can tell from looking at it is that he was trying to engage with a man in an American flag shirt in a manner that, if perhaps not civil, was certainly heated.

Someone came between them, identified by Straka as his security man.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.


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