HOLY COW! Biden Is Such A Weak Candidate ‘Reporters’ Had To Ask And Answer Their Own Biased, Anti-Trump, Softball ‘Questions’

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Joe Biden hardly ever takes questions because his campaign team is so afraid he’s going to make a mess on the floor that they can’t clean up. But today they let him take questions and actual news reporters, who routinely ask Trump very tough and often biased questions, did nothing but ask softball questions for Biden to try and hit out of the park. It was pathetic:

CNN’s MJ Lee said Trump made fun of him for wearing masks last night and asked what Biden thought about that. Seriously:

First of all Trump made fun of Biden for hanging masks on his ear when he’s doing speeches, not for simply wearing them. But I digress.

Next up we have CBS reporter Ed O’Keefe, who claims falsely that Trump wants his voters to vote twice and asked Biden what he thinks about encouraging voters to illegally vote:

O’Keefe’s second question was even better, asking Biden if voters will wonder why he isn’t angrier about Trump:

Good grief. Why not just say “Hey future President Biden, we in the media who love you really hate Trump. We were wondering if you hate him more than we do or A LOT more than we do?”

A reporter from the Atlantic, Edward-Isaac Dovere, treated his own bogus story as fact and asked Biden what those comments (losers, suckers, recoiling from amputees) tell him about Trump’s SOUL. Seriously, he said ‘soul’:

Again, he might as well just ask “Hey future President Biden, just how evil do you think Trump’s soul is?”

For his next act, Dovere asks Biden what he thinks about QAnon supporters:

There’s more that I could post, but I think it’s best to let you hear Chris Stirewalt unleash on these butt-kissing propagandists disguised as reporters:


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