WATCH: Salon Owner Proves Nasty Nancy Wasn’t Set Up, Asks How She Can Be So Comfortable While Destroying Lives And Businesses!

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Last night the salon owner that Nancy Pelosi accused of setting her up told her side of the story on Tucker Carlson’s show and essentially said that Pelosi is lying, that there was no way she could have set her up:

Erica Kious, the owner, responded to Pelosi’s claim that she thought the salon could take one client at a time, saying “as a hairstylist I see clients one on one and that would mean I would be open, right?” Tucker laughed at the obviousness of her comment and said that’s true and asked if she was open. Kious said “no.”

In fact she says she hasn’t been open for 6 months and that she’s basically done, having lost 60 percent of her clients and the majority of her staff. He business is destroyed.

Kious said what was really hurtful to her was that Pelosi wasn’t wearing a mask, noting that when she saw her without a mask she just thought about “her staff and people not being able to work and make money and provide for their families.” She added that if Pelosi is in there feeling comfortable enough to not wear a mask and feeling safe, “then why are we shut down? Why am I not able to have clients come in?”

You can’t help but feel bad for Kious. Not only has her business been destroyed, but here comes Nancy Pelosi adding insult to injury by lying about her and defaming her in front of the whole nation. It’s despicable, which is why we call her despicable Nancy Pelosi.

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