Antifa Rioter Charged With Double Murder ONE WEEK After Being Released Without Bail — Portland D.A. REFUSED To Press Charges

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The cowardly Portland District Attorney refused to press charges against a man arrested during a riot in June. They released him and he allegedly murdered two people just one week later.

A Portland man who was arrested at an antifa-infested Black Lives Matter riot in June and quickly released without bail, went on to allegedly murder two people just one week later, KOIN reported.

Antifa rioter Phillip Lawrence Nelson is accused of fatally stabbing Cassy Leaton, 22, and Najaf “Nate” Hobbs, 39, on June 16 in Northeast Portland.

Nelson, 39, faces two murder charges and is being held without bail.

On the 12th day of the violent antifa riots in downtown Portland, and just days before the murder, Nelson was arrested for interfering with a peace officer. He was released without bail and his criminal charge wasn’t pursued by Portland’s far-left district attorney Mike Schmidt.

According to court records, Nelson told authorities in June that he had been homeless for the two months before the murder arrest. He had reportedly been scamming the couple into paying him rent for their apartment while he was squatting in the building. He became violently enraged and stabbed them both to death after they discovered the scheme and changed their locks.

The murder may have stemmed from an ongoing dispute between the victims and the suspect. Leaton and Hobbs’ roommate told police that they were originally renting the unit in a fourplex from Nelson, who claimed to be the owner of the building, according to court records. When the three roommates found out Nelson was actually just squatting there, they changed the locks to their unit, angering Nelson, records state.

On the afternoon they were murdered, surveillance video captured Hobbs and Leaton going into the basement of the building, where the water control is located, according to court records. The pair came back upstairs, but then went back just a minute later. Shortly after that, surveillance video captured Leaton running out of the basement, stumbling and shouting for help before falling down. Bystanders rushed to her aid, but she did not survive.

Both Leaton and Hobbs had been stabbed numerous times, according to the medical examiner. A police officer said he found Hobbs’ body on the stairs, with a trail of blood leading to the basement. The officer also allegedly found a long-bladed knife and “significant amount of blood” inside the basement.

Detectives were able to track Nelson down on June 18 and arrested him for the murders.

This is the second known antifa-related murder that was made possible by Portland’s the weak and corrupt district attorney.

An antifa agitator allegedly shot a Trump supporter in Portland over the weekend after having been arrested and set free twice in recent months for multiple charges that included the illegal possession of a handgun.

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