Trump Masterfully Holds Media Accountable For ‘Fueling’ Protests, Hate, And Violence In America

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As Trump was leaving for Kenosha this morning, he dropped some cold hard truth on the media:

Here’s a transcript of Trump’s comments:

When I watched that scene last night with all of those really horrible people outside of the mayor’s house, I also saw the way they shot the young gentleman in the street. He was targeted. They targeted him. They shot him in the street and then they were so happy he died. You don’t mention that. You mention somebody spray-painted somebody from the other side. They shot a man in the street. They executed a man in the street, a religious man, in the street, and you don’t mention it. It is not even a story. You talk about other things.

The press should be ashamed of themselves. I think the press is — the media is what’s fueling this. More so than even Biden. Because Biden doesn’t know he is alive. The press is really fueling this and they are fueling it horribly. And you are doing a great disservice to your country.”

He’s absolutely right. 100%. And it’s not just in what the media chooses not to cover, it’s also what they choose to cover. Like the Blake shooting and his ‘march’ on Washington. They treat Blake as though the police shot him dead in the street with absolutely no reason. They obsessively cover him as a complete victim without telling the whole truth and are thus fueling hatred for cops.

And that’s just one example. Another is how they are defaming Kyle Rittenhouse, treating him like a white domestic terrorist when, as Ben Shapiro tweeted, “he has a pretty clear case for self-defense.” They won’t share the facts about this either!

They also refused to cover the nasty attacks on Republicans in DC the other night leaving the White House, where Biden supporters harrassed little old ladies and their elderly husbands, as well as a sitting Senator. The media is the worst it’s ever been as they have taken up the mantle of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.


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