WATCH: BLM Supporter VICIOUSLY Attacks Random White Man With Brick In Baltimore As Onlookers Laugh — “White Lives Don’t Matter”

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A shocking video in which a white man is randomly attacked from behind with a brick while the people filming the horrific incident laugh, whoop and cheer has been uploaded to Instagram by a Black Lives Matter supporter.

The BLM supporter added the hashtag “White lives don’t matter“.

The BLM supporter added captions including “YOUNG MAN YOU GOT KNOCKED TF OUT” with laughing emojis, “BITCH YOU BET NOT RUN” and “Unk tried to kill yo” and “Pray for unk.”

It is unclear whether the Instagram user “tray savage_” is connected to the vicious and cowardly attack or simply posted and celebrated the video.

The Black Lives Matter supporter travsavage_ boasts about being “Devil-$sent” on his social media page, among numerous references to Satan.

He has also posted regularly declaring support for Black Lives Matter.

Instagram users horrified by the disgusting attack and video have reported the post to the social media platform, but have been told it does not break the platform’s rules on “violence or dangerous organizations.

According to Instagram, the post “likely does not go against our Community Guidelines”.

So far this vicious attack has received no media attention. Please share this information far and wide to raise awareness.

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