“Rest In Peace Jay!” — President Trump Pays Tribute To Man Slain By Antifa In Portland

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Amy Kremer, co-founder of Women for Trump, revealed the name of the Trump supporter gunned down in cold blood by Antifa terrorists in Portland this weekend.

He went by the name Jay Bishop in his political activism, to protect himself from radicals like those who eventually murdered him. He was wearing a Patriot Prayer hat when he was killed.

Kremer remembered him as “a good American” who “loved his country and Backed the Blue.”

President Donald Trump shared Kremer’s tweet, and his wish that Jay may rest in peace. True peace, not the “mostly” kind that leftists use to describe the setting of his murder.

Townhall adds:

According to Oregon Live, the identity of the shooting victim was confirmed by Andrew Duncomb, a black conservative who was knifed at a Portland protest back in June, and Joey Gibson, the leader of the Patriot Prayer group Bishop belonged to. Journalist Andy Ngo also confirmed Jay Bishop was the victim of the shooting.

He was murdered by Antifa. In cold blood, on the streets of an American city, in full view of other people. But the press still won’t call it what it is, and are even now, at 10 pm on Sunday night, swarmgin all blue-checked across Twitter claiming Antifa doesn’t exist, and that all the rioting is a false flag op by white supremacists.

That’s not sarcasm, they are literally saying that, including Joy Reid who just got promoted to the daytime schedule on MSNBC.

What is it all coming to?

  • 3.9K

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