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Lie, Cheat And Steal — The Democrat’s Plan To Take The Presidency

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America has gotten so used to liberal lies that we as a people have come to expect them, and liberals seldom leave us disappointed.

It seems that an army of liberal fact-checkers have been busy lately, doing important stuff such as checking to see if Donald Trump is correctly stating that grass is green, or if the color is actually more chartreuse or cyan. How else can you explain the lack of media interest in fact-checking a Biden speech that was only slightly less dishonest than Hillary Clinton’s ramblings about tarmacs, snipers, and videos? Remember, these videos by her account (seconded by former VP contender Susan Rice), caused the attacks on our embassy and the murder of our ambassador.

Apparently, the fact that Biden was able to deliver a speech at all far outweighed the media’s interest in the substance of it.

Yes, Joe remained standing with no visible means of support for over five minutes, a herculean feat akin to Nancy Pelosi uttering an honest (and coherent) sentence – okay, not that herculean, but nevertheless,  media personalities were all giggly with delight.

Just check out Little Jimmy Acosta delivering this jewel of a tweet

If you are thinking that Acosta typed the above tweet one-handed, well rest assured you are not alone. What a great speech it was, and Joe barely had to plagiarize any of it! Well except for ‘recycling’ parts of his speech from 2003 as one sharp-eyed (eared?) individual pointed out

Weird, right?

But all of this, oh hell, let’s call it “malarkey” could have been forgiven if Biden had just sprinkled a few facts in with the liberal word salad he was trying to force-feed the nation, well, that minuscule part of the nation that actually watched the Marxist snooze fest they called a convention, good thing that viewing isn’t compulsory – yet.

But facts were few, if not downright non-existent, as was the condemnation of the violence that has continued to spread throughout liberal Meccas such as Chicago, Portland, and Seattle.

Exposing every lie uttered during Biden’s acceptance speech (aka his nomination of Kamala Harris for President) would be far too great a task for a multitude of publications, let alone just one, so this article will only be taking one of the myriads of lies and half-truths into consideration. That particular lie is what has come to be known as “The Charlottesville Hoax” aka “The Charlottesville Fable”.

Ah yes, there isn’t any lie that Liberals like to tell more than the one about Trump and Charlottesville. It seems to be the lie that liberals (especially liberals with a microphone placed anywhere in their vicinity) like to repeat the most, and old Joe Biden isn’t (as history has demonstrated) above repeating things.

Yes everyone, if there is a lie that Joe Biden enjoys telling more than the one about Charlottesville, it’s the one about the blind date where he met his dear wife Jill, but we digress. No, the Charlottesville fable is Joe’s go to lie.

You would think that the plethora of media outlets that describe themselves as “fact-checkers” might collectively stop gushing over the fact that Joe Biden strung three words together long enough to, you know, actually fact check? Sadly you would be wrong

Fortunately was unafraid to take team Biden to task for continuing their ongoing attempt to mislead the American people. The article entitled “Fact Check: Joe Biden Repeats the ‘Very Fine People’ Hoax at DNC”

The article by Joel Pollak reports the following:

CLAIM: Joe Biden said (again) that President Donald Trump called neo-Nazis in Charlottesville “very fine people.”

VERDICT: FALSE. Trump said the neo-Nazis should be “condemned totally.” Biden knows he is lying about this.

Pollak expounds on the above stating that:

Former Vice President Joe Biden repeated the “very fine people” hoax in accepting the Democratic Party nomination in a speech to the Democratic National Convention (DNC), repeating his lines from last week, almost word for word

As a kindness to the reader, a word for word repetition of the nonsense spouted by Biden will be avoided. Instead, a Reader’s Digest version of Biden’s remarks is presented

Orange Man BAD, Me GOOD, Racist, Me, Country, Me, Fine People, blah, blah, blah

Pollack further explains (and rightfully so) that:

Biden has used the “very fine people hoax” since the very start of his campaign, even claiming that it motivated him to run. And he repeated it in the most important speech of this campaign thus far.

But the “very fine people” hoax remains a lie.

President Trump repeatedly condemned the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville in August 2017 — “totally.”

Rather than a he said/she said regurgitation of the same old argument, the Breitbart article provides something that we like to call facts (Note to our Liberal readers – “Facts” are things that actually happened)

Here (as presented by Brietbart) are the actual transcripts of what the President said:

Finally, Pollak summarizes by stating that

Biden launched his campaign with the Charlottesville hoax, and persisted in doing so, even after Breitbart News confronted him last August with the fact that he was misquoting the president. His words on that occasion, like his words on Wednesday, repeated his campaign launch speech almost verbatim — a script from which he refuses to depart.

But why oh why would Honest Joe (you know, the ‘No Malarky’ guy) continue to repeat this lie? Surely the man and his staffers can read, right? It would seem that any child possessing even rudimentary computer skills and Internet access could debunk Biden’s claims, couldn’t they? Of course they could.

This ladies and gentlemen brings us to the “Cheat” part of our story

Joe Biden either repeats (or is told to repeat) this demonstratively false narrative because he/they believe that it will help them win in November. Nevermind the reputations that are besmirched or the fact that our country is being sold out to a bunch of Marxist revolutionaries. Remember, power to a liberal is like chum to a shark, it is to be won and held on to at any and all cost.

There is a very simple reason that the liberal media won’t tell you about these liberal lies, they want the Biden/Harris ticket to win every bit as much as Biden/Harris do and make no mistake about it.

Of course, the cheating goes well beyond just the repetition of a few horrific lies (although that is bad enough), liberal lies are merely the engine that drives the liberal cheating train.

The Charlottesville lie is simply an example of liberals trying to alsynky up an election. They do this by repeating a lie soooooooooo often that even the liar starts to believe it, and they do it to tar their opponents with whatever brush (racism, capitalism, white supremacy, etc.) that happens to be handy and working at the time.

Liberal lying leads to cheating by, first of all, creating a general mistrust of their opponents among the voting populace. Then once that is accomplished, liberals attempt to push through some truly idiotic conspiracy theory, such as their opponent being against mail-in voting (and ballot harvesting) because they (liberal’s opponents) want to somehow suppress the vote. While preaching this balderdash, liberals attempt to push the nonsensical idea that mail-in ballots are essentially the same as filing absentee ballots, and they are, in the same way, that swimming is like drowning, in that they both involve being in the water.

Of course liberals want mail-in voting! Remember you can shop at Costco’s, Home Depot, Walmart, and any other establishment that Draconian ‘leaders’ (looking at you Gretchen Whitmer) haven’t boarded up yet. You can even do so in person, and stand in long lines while doing so. According to ‘liberal logic’ however, standing in line to vote is likely to kill everyone!! Liberals are far too humanitarian to allow some nonsense like that! Hell, Liberals even want to as far as ensuring that you don’t get infected placing your ballot in your dirty old mailbox to be picked up by your dirty old mail carrier (although strangely enough mailing all of your other letters, packages and other material is perfectly safe). Ballots are different, so kindly liberals have safeguarded you by attempting to ram through legislation that would allow anyone to ‘collect’ ballots and submit them in bulk, this practice is known as ‘ballot harvesting’

But is ballot harvesting a bad thing? The short answer is “hell, yes” but for what some may consider a more nuanced report on the subject, let us look at an excellent article that appeared on “Townhall” aptly entitled “The Stupidity of Ballot Harvesting and How It Steals Elections” In this article written by Bruce Bialosky, ballot harvesting is defined as

….the process where organized workers or volunteers–people you don’t know–collect absentee ballots from voters and drop them off at a polling place or election office. Nothing can go wrong there; right?    

The author continued, explaining that

It makes sense that the same people who encourage ballot harvesting are against voter ID laws or having county registrars clean the voter rolls.  It is not a farfetched idea to think they have ulterior motives other than getting a higher voter turnout.  If they do not have an ulterior motive when they are ballot harvesting, why are they only doing that at homes they believe support their partisan interests instead of all homes to enhance the overall voter turnout?  This is for purely partisan political interests; thus, it is obvious to common-sense minds that there will be fraud involved.  Someone will take the process to the limit and then exceed the limit.  

The article provides concrete examples of how ballot harvesting was utilized to

Orange County, California — which was a Republican stronghold for a long time — had 250,000 harvested ballots turned in on election day.   The Republicans have no infrastructure to pursue testing as to how or whether this process was manipulated or fraud was part of the process.

Bialosky also admonished us to

Think of how dubious this process is by its very nature.   You have someone show up to your house.   They state they are there to collect your mail-in ballot for you.  And you just hand over your ballot to a stranger who comes to your door.  Government officials warn you about strangers coming to your door and trying to sell you anything from magazines to solar panels, but they legalize someone coming to your door with potentially ginned-up credentials to take your sacred ballot to the election officials.

Bialosky makes excellent points and his article well deserves your full read if for no other reason than to provide you with well thought out counter-arguments against ballot harvesting. Sure arguing with a liberal is a complete waste of your time, but at least you will enjoy the satisfaction of exposing this liberal plan for the lying, cheating and stealing it represents

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