WATCH: Homeowner Fires Warning Shot And Sends BLM Militants RUNNING For Their Lives After They Try To Riot On His Street

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Black Lives Matter militants invaded the wrong Milwaukee neighborhood Monday night and were soon running for their lives after a fed up homeowner fired warning shots at protesters.

This dude is shooting at us!” A shocked Black Lives Matter militant is heard shouting as the protesters scattered like roaches and ran for their lives.

Entitled BLM and Antifa militants are in for a big surprise. Patriotic and armed Americans who live in the suburbs and rural areas will not be intimidated or tolerate their looting, destruction and violence.

WATCH (language warning):

Twitter users reacted with support for the patriotic homeowner.

I would never aim a gun at someone unless I felt my life was in danger. But I sure as shit will be sitting on my roof firing a warning shot into the air. I’m not playing around with these people,” said Angus “Mac” MacGyver.

Citizens have a constitutional right to protest bs when they see it… AND WE ALL SAW SOME BS,” said BustyMuse.

Ammo is too expensive stop wasting it on warning shots,” said James Whale.

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