WATCH: Homeowner Fires Warning Shot And Sends BLM Militants RUNNING For Their Lives After They Try To Riot On His Street

Black Lives Matter militants invaded the wrong Milwaukee neighborhood Monday night and were soon running for their lives after a fed up homeowner fired warning shots at protesters.

This dude is shooting at us!” A shocked Black Lives Matter militant is heard shouting as the protesters scattered like roaches and ran for their lives.

Entitled BLM and Antifa militants are in for a big surprise. Patriotic and armed Americans who live in the suburbs and rural areas will not be intimidated or tolerate their looting, destruction and violence.

WATCH (language warning):

Twitter users reacted with support for the patriotic homeowner.

I would never aim a gun at someone unless I felt my life was in danger. But I sure as shit will be sitting on my roof firing a warning shot into the air. I’m not playing around with these people,” said Angus “Mac” MacGyver.

Citizens have a constitutional right to protest bs when they see it… AND WE ALL SAW SOME BS,” said BustyMuse.

Ammo is too expensive stop wasting it on warning shots,” said James Whale.

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