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Trump Reminds America Why WE VOTED For HIM! To Save America From Obama’s Ruinous Plans!

While Obama was trashing Trump at the DNC tonight – and I do mean trashing, accusing Trump of not taking the job seriously and being unable to ‘grow into the job because he can’t’ and blah blah blah, you know the drill. Anyway, while he was doing that, Trump was reminding everyone of the true Obama that we all know and loath:

That’s really the bottom line at this point. As horrible as Obama was as president, he ended it by doing what he always did to his enemies in that he spied on them. Remember how his administration spied on journalists? They never bring that up anymore because they’ve all forgiven their hero leftist president.

Tonight, Obama is trying to capitalize on what his administration did to weaken Trump in 2017 and convince voters that Trump shouldn’t be reelected. That’s why we simply cannot let Joe win. I don’t care how much Trump annoys you, unless you want Obama, Biden, and his brown shirt spies to win, we must vote for Trump. It’s honestly that simple to me right now.

Trump also tweeted this while Obama was blathering on…

Obama never wanted Joe. He wanted a more radical socialist like Warren or Bernie, but he got stuck with Joe. That’s why he waited until the end to endorse Slow Joe.


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