Heavily Armed NYC Man Threatens To Shoot Hundreds Of Jewish Kids At Camp With A Machine Gun For Not Wearing Masks

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A New York man was so upset at the sight of a Jewish children’s camp filled with kids not wearing masks and not social distancing that he told the cops if they didn’t do something, he’d go over with a machine gun and shoot them all. Talk about triggered.

The guy had quite the arsenal, too. NBC News reports:

Nicola Pelle, 58, of Inwood on Long Island, faces charges of making a terroristic threat and on alleged weapons violations.

Pelle allegedly called Nassau County police Monday to report a violation of social distancing at Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island children’s camp, according to a police statement. On the call, Pelle said there were 500 kids playing in a yard who were not wearing masks or social distancing.

“While police were en route the defendant, Nicola Pelle called again and threatened to get a gun and shoot the individuals at the location if the police didn’t get there,” the statement said.

“If I gotta go out there with a freaking machine gun and shoot all these people, I will,” Pelle said on the call, according to Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder, NBC New York reported.

Police searched the man’s house and found 14 handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Bill de Blasio doesn’t seem so bad now for having the NYPD shut down a New York yeshiva.

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