WATCH: Antifa Goons Attempt To Disrupt Freedom Rally In LA, Instead They Get Put In Their Place

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When hundreds of Trump-supporting Californians held a rally in support of the president and America on Saturday, a group of far-left activists unsuccessfully tried to disrupt the event.

The march, held in Beverly Hills, was attended by a couple hundred Trump supporters.

As usual, the demonstrators were flipped off, cursed at, and assaulted by people driving and walking by the event.

A group of counterprotesters showed up chanting, “Black lives matter,” and the atmosphere of the event quickly became tense.

Despite the Antifa crowd trying to start fights with the pro-Trump crowd, violence was avoided and some people from opposing sides even appeared to engage in dialogue with one another.

If Trump supporters in liberal California can achieve victories like this, what’s stopping patriots around the country from taking America back from the far-left terrorists destroying our cities?

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