Trucking Companies Tell Police-Hating Liberal Cities, ‘No Police, No Deliveries’

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A trucking company based in Illinois announced recently that it will no longer deliver to cities that are calling for police to be defunded.

Mike Kucharski, co-owner of JKC Trucking near Chicago, told Fox News last week that transporting valuable cargo into areas where a police presence may be reduced unnecessarily puts his drivers at risk.

“Our first priority is to support our drivers and their safety when they are on the road,” Kucharski said during an interview on “Fox & Friends First.”

Kucharski added that he is also concerned that his insurance coverage may change for delivering into states with reduced police presence when he renews his contracts at the end of the year.

“Another issue that I am seeing in the future is I have cargo insurance, liability insurance, fiscal damage insurance, and I am very curious how when I renew my contracts at the end of the year, if there is going to be language — if I am going to even have coverage going into these places,” he said. – READ MORE

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