WATCH: Nasty Nancy Has A Meltdown After PBS Host Points Out Democrats Are The Ones Obstructing The Relief Bill

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Nancy Pelosi saw RED and flipped out when PBS Newshour host, Judy Woodruff, suggested that Democrats are the ones obstructing the coronavirus relief bill:

Here’s what Woodruff said that so triggered Pelosi:

The other point Republicans are making is they are now showing flexibility in money for state and local governments. This is, again, a difference. Democrats want more money. Republicans want a lot less. They are saying they are willing to show flexibility, and they’re also saying that a lot of the money that was passed in the spring, Madam Speaker, has not even been spent yet.

When Pelosi heard this she FUMED, and then accused Woodruff of being an advocate for Republicans: “Well, if you want to be an advocate for them, Judy, if you want to be an advocate for them…”

Woodruff interrupted saying “No, I’m playing devil’s advocate to ask you your position.”

Pelosi snipped back “No you aren’t…”

Wow. That’s all it took to get under the Speaker’s skin.

What’s interesting is that all Woodruff really did here was tell Pelosi what Republicans are saying, and in doing so it made Democrats look very bad and that’s why Pelosi and attacked her. Pelosi must’ve thought she was going to get another shill interview from the Democrat media, and when Woodruff went rogue Pelosi lost it.

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