Herschel Walker RIPS NFL And NBA For Supporting BLM After They BURN Bibles — ‘Is THIS What You Support?’

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The terrible images we’ve been sharing here at the Right Scoop from the protests and violence? There is a reason that people like CNN’s Fat Dumb and Bald Guy want to sweep that under the rug, and label as fearmongers anyone who dares point and say “why are we letting this happen in America”: They don’t want people to see it and reject it.

Sharing this stuff, like Andy Ngo does night after night, like we do at The Right Scoop, and like countless others going out there and capturing it all on film, it does exactly what the Fat Dumb and Bald Guy and all his fake news fellows at CNN are afraid it will do: It wakes people up to what is happening. Because it IS happening.

And that’s exactly what Herschel Walker, football deity and the guy whose poster still hangs on my wall, had to say when he spoke out in a powerful statement he shared on Twitter.

The rioters, they hate America. That’s not rhetoric. If you ask them, they will tell you that they hate America. They have whole organizational structures dedicated to hating America. Black Lives Matter is actually late to the party, because the other groups burning down America right now have been working on this moment for a LONG time.

I really like in Walker’s tweet that he copied Harris Faulkner and Fox News, and I truly pray they have him on air to talk about it. In a real one-on-one interview and not some staged food fight.

I saw some people on Twitter talking about “he didn’t say much” or “he didn’t say enough” but those people are missing that this hero is reaching out. He brings up the league sports, where his fellow athletes have fully embraced Black Lives Matter in every respect. He’s saying that people burning the flag, and burning Bibles, should open your eyes. He’s saying it has made him pay attention and it should make y’all pay attention too. That’s a big deal.

This is man who loves his country and who loves his Lord, and he loves football. There’s nothing more American than that.

God Bless Herschel Walker, and God Bless Texas and the Dallas Cowboys.


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