WATCH: ‘Peaceful’ Portland Protesters SWARM Suburbs, Threaten To Rape Wives And Daughters!

Protesters from Portland decided to invade the quiet suburbs of Springfield, Oregon last night, threatening to beat up civilians and rape their wives and daughters.

As usual, the protesters started a fight with police, before roaming the neighborhood, insulting residents and making vile threats.

Video footage of the “protest” shows Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters threatening police and everyday Americans who made the mistake of coming out of their homes to see what the commotion was about.

Towards the end of the video footage, a group of patriots can be seen telling the rioters it’s time to leave Springfield and head back to Portland.

At this point, many rioters expressed concerns for their safety, attempting to report the residents to the police for “verbally assaulting” them.

Via NewsPunch

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