AG Barr Skillfully DISARMS Dem Congressman During Judiciary Hearing And It’s Awesome!

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There was a fantastic moment in today’s otherwise despicable House Judiciary hearing with AG Bill Barr, where Barr was once again attacked for having law enforcement clear Lafayette Square in response to the night before’s attempt to burn down the historic St. John’s church near the White House. Just listen to how he responded:

Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin asked Barr if he was aware that the rector of St. John’s church, the Episcopal Archbishop of Washington, the presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church nationally and the Catholic Bishop of Washington all denounced the clearing of Lafayette Square, which he called a “police assault on the civil rights and civil liberties of the people.”

Barr responded in a frank, but badass way with one simple question: “Did they do that before or after the fire was put out?” BOOM! That was 🔥🔥🔥! And he did it with such nonchalance.

This hearing, as I alluded to above, has been nothing but an assault by Democrats an AG Barr. They constantly smear him or put words in his mouth, and when he tries to answer they yell “reclaiming my time” and refuse to let him speak. He’s had to fight to get any answer in to Democrat questioners almost the entire hearing. It’s one of the ugliest hearings I’ve ever seen in the House and this is happening under Jerry ‘Antifa is a Myth’ Nadler and despicable Speaker Nancy ‘stormtrooper’ Pelosi.

I’ve gotten so infuriated at times I’ve simply had to walk away. It’s outrageous and I wish Republicans had done more to defend Bill Barr’s right to answer questions as the attacks on Barr got underway.


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