MUST WATCH: Dr. Scott Atlas ‘ZERO PROBLEMS’ Sending Children Back To School WITHOUT Distancing/Masks

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Fox News had on Dr. Scott Atlas earlier this week who absolutely insisted that there is no problem with sending our kids back to school without social distancing and masks in the fall:

Sandara Smith, who gave the interview, was pretty thorough in questioning Atlas, even having him respond to the CDC Director’s comments that it could be a tough school year in the fall with both Covid and the Flu together.

Here’s more on what he said via the Federalist:

Former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center, Dr. Scott Atlas told Fox News there are “zero excuses” to keep children from returning to schools in the fall.

“There is virtually zero risk for children getting something serious or dying from this disease. Anyone who thinks schools should be closed is not talking about the children. It has nothing to do with the children’s risk,” he said. “There’s no rational reason or science to say that children transmit the disease significantly.”

Dr. Atlas pointed out that many American teachers are not in high-risk age groups and therefore, should not be concerned. He also noted that those who are nervous or high-risk can take extra precautions.

“It’s true that there are high-risk teachers and those teachers should be able to believe in their social distancing and masks. They can teach using social distancing. And if they still are afraid they can stay at home. There’s no reason to lock up the children,” he said.

According to Dr. Atlas, closing down the schools and continuing online education would hinder children from a full learning experience that includes social interaction and hands-on teaching.

“Long distance learning is a failure,” he said.

Dr. Atlas also added that many other Western countries have opened and operated schools during the pandemic successfully.

“We are the only country not opening schools. This is absurd,” he said. “Look at the science. I’m saying use critical thinking and logic.”

Despite skepticism from the CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield on the current COVID-19 situation paired with the upcoming flu season, Dr. Atlas believes that keeping schools closed would be a grave policy mistake.

“This is the biggest problem of all. Yet again we are going to commit some severe public policy without regards to the harm of the public policy,” he said. “If we start acting out of fear and are an outlier in this country, this country is finished.”

“You either believe the science or not,” he added. “You can’t insist that you believe in the science and then act contrary to science.”

Steve Deace and Ted Cruz are both completely on board with what Atlas is saying here:

Watch the video for more…


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