While The Left Is Using Fear To Keep Schools Closed, 5 Top Pediatricians STUN MSNBC Host By Saying ‘Without Hesitation’ They Will Send Their Kids Back

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The so-called “Party of Science” has spent the last few weeks ignoring both the data and the experts about the dangers of Coronavirus in an attempt to demonize President Trump for his push to get our kids back in school.

While the virus is extremely contagious, it has a 99.7 percent survival rate and over 85 percent of the people who get it, will have little to no symptoms. More importantly for this discussion, children are hardly impacted by this particular virus as they were with H1N1.

The real danger comes when you’re vulnerable or high-risk. Healthy, or young people have little to worry about, as a general rule.

So, why are we doing this to ourselves and our kids? The answer is simple, politics.

While the media and Dems are pushing the “panic button” again, and insisting we lockdown again and cancel next year’s school, pediatricians are saying they have no issue sending their kids to school.

That’s exactly what happened to a stunned MSNBC host when the network ran a clip where they asked 5 pediatrician guests if they’d send their kids to school.

Every single one of them answered with a resounding and positive YES.

You can watch the video below (the “YES” responses come at the end of the video at the 1:55 mark and the stunned anchor at the end):

Now what, Fake News? What’s “Plan B?” Will you call these doctors “liars” and cancel them?

Will you accuse them of “ignoring science?”

Enough is enough with this BS pandemic. Let’s get our kids back to school, and people all back to work. There’s no reason not to.

And someone go over to Texas and smack some sense into Governor Abbott, while you’re at it.

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