What’s The Message Here? Smithsonian Defines ‘Whiteness’ As Rugged Individualism That Values Rational Science And Hard Work

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It’s 2020 folks.

Up is down, wrong is right, masks save lives (eye roll), and EVERYTHING is about race.


Liberal loudmouths and millennial snowflakes abound, and in the ever-popular ‘woke’ movement they are doing whatever they can to stir up racial divisions and irritate already strained relationships.

Exhibit A: The National Museum of African American History and Culture, part of the U.S. government-run Smithsonian Institution developed a web page that ‘helps define’ what Whiteness is:

After reading the flyer, one must ask what the intention is behind this ‘informational’ definition. To my eye, it’s pretty clear they want to establish as much of a reason for one to judge your daily life as an overt act of aggressive racism.

“That’s your white fragility speaking!” one may shout.

But it’s not.

In fact, I’m more upset at what this implies of other races. Are people of color, in an effort to not be seen as white, expected to be mediocre workers? Unscientific, irrational thinkers? Are family units to be shunned? Should I check my self-esteem, diligence, and manners at the door so that I don’t offend AOC or her other liberal colleagues? (That’s what we call a joke folks, let yourself laugh!)

I’m at a loss for words if we allow the subversion of younger minds to go on like this. How can we fight systemic racism when it is clearly being perpetuated by liberal garbage like this?

Hell, such nonsense only fuels the flame of skepticism that systemic racism even existed over the last several decades. Seems more and more like it was an idea that had to be planted and nurtured by a political party hell-bent on destroying our country.

Just saying.

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