New York Doesn’t Deserve Its Heroes In Blue! Three NYPD Officers Brutally Attacked By Thug At Large!

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Three NYPD officers were brutally attacked today on the Brooklyn Bridge by protesters, sustaining serious injuries according to NYPD News:

“Three officers violently attacked by protesters crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. The officers sustained serious injuries. This is not peaceful protest, this will not be tolerated.”

Below are photos of the injured officers from NYPD News, which I’ve posted in the above photo:

NYPD News also posted this video of the injured officers:

I do hope the NYPD gets this thug who beat these officers with the pipe. But make no mistake, this is Bill de Blasio’s New York City. He cares more about advocating for Black Lives Matter than he does advocating for his own police force, who put their lives on the line every day to protect the lives of New Yorkers. Is it any wonder that retirements of NYPD officers are increasing so much this year? I’d get the hell out too.


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