New Jersey Teachers Union Demands Suspension For Any Student Caught Without Mask On Or Who Skips WEEKLY COVID Testing!

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The teachers union in New Jersey plans to traumatize children by demanding weekly COVID-19 tests and mandatory face masks.

  • All students must be tested for COVID-19 in the weeks prior to returning to school.
  • All students must take WEEKLY COVID-19 tests.
  • Door-to-door mandatory face masks for all students.

“Cloth masks must be worn ‘door to door’” the teachers union said in its demands.

Students will be punished with suspension if they do not wear masks from the time they board a bus en route to school until they leave school or exit the bus.

Here are the facts:

The COVID-19 hospitalization rates are “similar to” those in the 65 and older category during “recent high severity influenza seasons.”

And the COVID-19 hospitalizations for children 17 and under is MUCH LOWER than the seasonal flu hospitalization rates during recent influenza seasons.

COVID-19 is LESS DANGEROUS to children than a typical influenza!

And after four months of the pandemic we now know that children are SEVEN TIMES more likely to die from the flu than from the Coronavirus!

But the public schools and teachers unions are planning on traumatizing children with authoritarian, Marxist Coronavirus guidelines.

Via GatewayPunidt

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