Kavanaugh, Gorsuch BETRAY Trump, Rule NY Attorney Can Access Trump’s Taxes With One Caveat

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The Supreme Court has just ruled that President Trump can’t block a Manhattan district attorney from getting access to his taxes:

Obviously it wasn’t just Kavanaugh, but it’s interesting that both Kavanaugh and Gorsuch joined Roberts and the majority of liberals.

I guess this means that the next few months are going to be filled with stories about Trump’s taxes, because you know they will leak it. Buckle up.

UPDATE: Here’s the ruling in case you want to read it:

UPDATE 2: Supreme Court blocks House Democrats from getting access to Trump’s taxes, for now, and the other ruling was also remanded back to the lower courts, according to Pete Williams

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday gave President Donald Trump a chance to beat back House Democrats’ efforts to obtain his financial records but ruled he is not immune from Manhattan district attorney’s attempt to get his taxes.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office wanted to obtain Trump’s tax returns as part of its probe into hush-money payments to two women although the president can challenge that in court and the justices said he can fight House Democrats’ attempt to obtain financial records from the Trump Organization’s accounting firm and two banks.

The rulings represent a mixed bag for the president; both matters will go back to lower courts, meaning it is unlikely anything would be decided before Election Day in November.

Well that’s a different take than the breathless tweets I posted above reacting to the news. In the short term and regarding the election, this looks like a victory for Trump.

Trump responded to the rulings…

UPDATE: Trump’s legal team responds…


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