Bill de Blasio Invites Al Sharpton To Paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ On Street In Front Of Trump Tower To ‘Liberate’ Fifth Avenue

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking time out of his schedule of doing nothing to fight the soaring crime in his city in order to “shame” President Trump by painting “Black Lives Matter” in front on Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

President Trump had previously tweeted that the plan to do this would “denigrate” Fifth Avenue, but Mayor Bill de Blasio was on the scene and he said the painted words were “liberating” the street:

Of course he had to get his virulently antisemitic friend Al Sharpton to assist in the graffiti.

And many people couldn’t help but notice the Mayor wasn’t wearing a mask while standing close to others:

Of course this isn’t surprising. The left has different standards for themselves.

Way to go, Mayor, this will surely solve all of NYC’s problems.

  • 2.3K

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