WATCH: BLM Protester Gets Instant Justice After Punching A Black Trump Supporter

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In case you missed it, Lafayette Square Park in Washington, D.C. has been renamed “Black Lives Matter Plaza,” and that’s where this recent attack happened. A black Trump supporter got smacked hard in the face by one Black Lives Matter protester. Well, immediately, the BLM protester got a rude awakening he never saw coming. You’ll love this.

All hell broke loose Tuesday night in Washington, D.C. after one Black Lives Matter protester was offended by a black supporter of President Donald Trump. We can’t hear the verbal altercation, but the BLM protester immediately decided he had the right to physically attack the Trump supporter.

It’s what we law-abiding citizens call “assault and battery.” In fact, the BLM protester could see the cops were just feet away. But he didn’t care. He believes the cops should be defunded and sees them as weak. Well, he was dead wrong.

“A video showed two men in a verbal altercation in the plaza, which is located across from Lafayette Square Park in Washington, D.C.,” Daily Caller reports. “A group gathered around as the verbal argument escalated, eventually leading to what appeared to be a Trump supporter getting slapped in the face.”

“He hit him first,” someone in the crowd can be heard saying. Two police officers can be seen directly behind the black Trump supporter. Once the BLM man smacks him, the cops move in to give him a rude awakening.

The cops surround the BLM suspect. That’s when the suspect’s leftwing buddies can’t believe their eyes. 

“He didn’t do nothing, what is he being detained for?” one leftwing protester whines at the police. A verbal confrontation began with the police, and the BLM group made it clear they were not happy about the man being arrested. Police repeatedly warn the protesters to stay behind the barricade.

“Let him go!” someone in the crowd started chanting once the man was led away in handcuffs. The protesters tried to follow the officers who were leading the suspect away, and the police formed a line to hold the group back.

A smaller group began to physically fight with police, and a man in a teal shirt was detained.

“F*ck you and your Hitler mustache, you f*cking racist b*tch,” a protester yelled at a police officer. Oh, the poor leftwing protesters sure did not like law and order once again being restored.

The cops were just getting warmed up. They then arrested another BLM protester, and the crowd went nuts. 

“The crowd demanded answers from police after another protester was arrested later Tuesday night,” Daily Caller adds.

“Why was he arrested?” multiple people from the “woke” crowd repeat, including one person with a megaphone.

Their minds were blown. These out of control kids are spending their summer protesting something they can’t articulate. They whine and scream at the cops who are just doing their jobs and restoring order. It looks like their “summer of wokeness” is coming to an abrupt end.

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