Terry Crews Prepared To ‘Die On This Hill’, Battles Don Lemon After Issuing Sound Warning To BLM Movement!

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Last night Terry Crews was on with CNN’s Don Lemon to discuss a tweet he posted saying that Black Lives Matter needs to make sure it doesn’t morph into Black Lives Better. Apparently Crews took a lot of heat for that tweet (which I couldn’t find) and responded with this one:

That’s where the interview begins:

In the interview Crews criticizes BLM for not really caring about all black lives, noting the epidemic of black on black crime that they say nothing about. He also suggests that there’s a supremacist ideal in the movement and that he doesn’t want to just move from ‘one oppressor to the next’.

Don Lemon then smugly lectures Crews, telling him that BLM isn’t about black on black crime, that it’s only about police brutality and that if he wants to start an All Black Lives Matter group, then he should do it. But that’s not what BLM is about.

Crews tries to explain to Lemon that the BLM group is about more than just police brutality, but Lemon won’t listen, talks over top of him and essentially cuts him off saying he’s run out of time in the interview.

I must say I’m quite happy that Crews is standing his ground on this because he’s right about BLM. As Marcellus Wiley pointed out the other day, they stand against the patriarchy, the nuclear family and so-called white supremacy. They aren’t just about police brutality, no matter what Lemons says, and I’m glad Crews is speaking out. I’m also glad Crews’ Twitter bio refers to him as a “servant to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” That explains a lot about him and his honesty on this topic.


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