Antifa Member Posts Instructional Video On How To Break Windshields, Cut Seatbelts And Drag Drivers From Cars

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A member of the violent Antifa terror organizations has posted a video to Twitter on the best method to attack vehicles and extract people from them.

The woman shows a tool sold online which can be used to break glass and cut seatbelts. She claims this method is “necessary” because “some cars get away when protesters try to stop them.”

We don’t suspect the manufacturer of this tool intended it to be used this way, others on Twitter had the same suspicion.

@resqmeinc This looks like your tool that Antifa is promoting to break car windows/cut seatbelts so they drag innocent people out of their vehicles and assault them. Any response?

— Chandler Kenilworth (@ChandlerKenil) July 7, 2020

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