This DISGUSTING TikTok Video Explains Why Liberal ‘Karens’ Are The WORST!

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Some pathetic loser liberal girls on Tik Tok sang their own version of a pro-America song, but changed the lyrics to hate on the U.S. and Trump just in time for Independence Day:

Ugh. Pathetic. I mean, if they really believe that white people stole the land, then shouldn’t they do everything they can to leave and go back to Europe or wherever their families are from? No of course not, they’re gonna stay and whine and complain at the rest of us.

He’s got a point. I would be totally OK if the government just straight out banned Tik Tok. I’m sure there are american-owned alternative apps that aren’t stealing our information and storing it for the use of the Chinese communist party later.

Notice the account’s name too: “midwestqueer.” These are very serious people.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, where people’s freedoms are ACTUALLY under threat, they know what side America is on:

What an incredible contrast.


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