WATCH: Despite What BLM And The Left Claim, Blacks Say They DON’T Want Police To Leave Their Neighborhoods

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While the Left, including the BLM movement and Antifa, claim that black neighborhoods would be better off if police were removed from black neighborhoods, journalist Ami Horowitz actually went and spoke with black residents to find out what they actually think about the police.

Black residents in East Harlem say that would be suicide, that criminals would run rampant:

While you’ve got all these White leftists talking about how much they hate the police and how ‘disgusting’ they are, Black residents in East Harlem say most cops aren’t bad and that they desperately need them. One Black man said he wouldn’t feel safe if the NYPD were abolished.

All of these White leftists in New York sneering about the police and how Black residents would be better off without the police, doesn’t that come from a place of ‘White privilege’? I mean that’s what the left says all the time about White people, so I’m just trying to apply their rules…

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