Ben Carson Slams Marxist Radicals: Painting ‘BLM’ Over Cities The Same As The Confederate Flag

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What’s Happening:

Ben Carson is considered a soft-spoken man, but he is respected for his clarity and conviction. The former neurosurgeon was hand-picked by President Trump to oversee the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

As a black American who overcame struggles to accomplish much in his career, he spoke out against Black Lives Matter. He condemned the painting of their name on public land:

Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, questioned how those painting “Black Lives Matter” on public streets would respond if someone were to paint a Confederate flag on a public street…

“The larger question is, when you’re in a public forum, a public square, do you have the right to put on there a political statement?” Carson responded. “I wonder what people would say if somebody painted a Confederate flag on a public street?”

Our Take:

Ben Carson made a clear distinction between saying, “black lives matter” as a sign of support for African Americans and the organization known as Black Lives Matter.

He called the group a “Marxist-drive organization.” Recently, founding members of the group admitted they were all “trained Marxists.”

Carson is pointing out that painting “Black Lives Matter” on public property crosses a line. This isn’t about free speech, of which he’s a strong supporter. He’s condemning the government from using tax funds to plaster a political message on public grounds.

That seems to be unprecedented in American history, at least from my memory.

Carson points out the hypocrisy of those who have spent much time recently, demanding the removal of the Confederate flag because of its “racist history.” Yet they don’t seem upset that New York (and perhaps other cities) would paint a political message on public property.

The situation has thrust the radical, far-left movement into a new light. What was once touted as a civil rights group is now closer to a wing of the Democratic Party.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ben Carson criticized painting “Black Lives Matter” on a street, comparing it to the Confederate flag.
  • Carson pointed out that BLM is a Marxist-group that works with the Democrats.
  • While embracing free speech, Carson condemns painting a political message on public grounds.

Via PatriotJournal

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