Los Angeles Just Put The Lives Of School Children In Danger After They Order ALL Officers Off Campuses

Los Angeles is playing games with the lives of children in their city and opening their schools up to crime and violence.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has Black Lives Matter fever, and it sounds like the school board can’t decide whether it wants to abolish police in schools altogether or just defund them out of existence.

Fox LA’s Bill Melugin reports that Los Angeles School Police Chief Todd Chamberlain resigned after the school board decided to cut $25 million in funding and order all officers off of school campuses … for now.

We also hope they pass a resolution to ban any LEGO police officers on the playground. Just the very sight of a person in a police uniform is much too triggering for some to handle right now.

We’re not sure who’s on campus right now, between summer vacation and COVID-19, but cops are being ordered out of their uniforms.

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